~ Our Fospice Guardians Pay Tribute to Their Fospice DOGS ~

Note: Some dogs were renamed by their Fospice Guardians,

so names here may differ from names you see on other pages. 

Josephine: "Lucky is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Abby: "Gus is the center of our home. We fall in love with him more every day. I don't know how we lived without him before. You have no idea how ONE MORE DAY has changed our lives."


1,159 days of love & still going strong!

409 days of love & still going strong!

Deirdre: "I'll never completely get over Gracie. Thanks so much for allowing me to foster her. She had a tremendous impact on me. It was very unique. I would do it again a thousand times over for Gracie."

81 days of love

Amber: "My little Cathy girl showed me that with the right love and affection, we can heal from even our deepest emotional wounds."

146 days of love

Cindy: "Loving Lil Pete was easy. Even though I could tell he wasn't used to affection, little by little he gave me the glimmer of hope that he was accepting my love. He gave me purpose. His stay was short-lived and I miss him terribly. If I could have just one wish I would wish for one more day."

63 days of love

587 days of love

Petra: What can I say about this amazing boy.  I was honored to have been the one lucky enough to give him his final home, and we had 19 wonderful months together. He was a gentle giant and the sweetest personality. Everyone was a friend, people, other dogs (big or small) and even cats. He loved everybody. We had an almost immediate bond, and he slept next to my side of the bed as if he were protecting me. He had the sweetest bay and I got that wonderful little song every time he saw me. I miss him so much and he will always be in my heart.