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Fospice Guardians are a very special breed. (pun!) They are Volunteers who are deeply compassionate, truly committed, selfless, and not afraid to experience the last breath of a dog or a cat. But Fospice Guardians can also share joy in whatever good-quality time remains for their fospice animal.

A Fospice Guardian takes a dog or cat into her/his home knowing that this beloved animal does not have long to live. (And as it is, dogs don't live long enough anyway!) This fospice home is forever, and becomes the place where the dog or cat can live out the last chapter in loving peace, comfort and respect. 

Lots of people say, Oh, I couldn't do that! Or, Gee, that's a great service to provide, but I could never do that! But to this we say, It's not about us. It's about the animals. This loving end-of-life care is the greatest and most heartfelt gift we can give to companion animals, who give us so much. And lots of caring people all over the country are doing this invaluable work.

When someone asks, How long is a fospice commitment? we always say, It's different each time, and never completely predictable. Sometimes fospice lasts for weeks, sometimes several months and sometimes, once in a loving, fospice home, the four-legged patient comes back to life and lives for a couple of years. 

Fospice has a spectrum, and at one end of it are the fospice animals that have life-limiting illnesses, but they are not suffering as far as we can tell, and they still have some life to enjoy. At the other end of the fospice spectrum are the animals who just need a loving place to die. In either case, when the suffering becomes evident, ONE MORE DAY Foundation provides a home-visit veterinarian for in-home euthanasia. 

We don't want these companion animals to die in shelters, alone, afraid, sad, and euthanized on a cold, metal table.


So, please, help us help them. The rewards will be forever emblazoned on your heart. 

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